Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Novel Resources at LME Updated 10/9/19

I did a post back in 2012 with information for writers.  Now we have another great tool just introduced called is a partnership between RAILS and BiblioLabs, LLC to bring all Illinois libraries and residents resources to self-publish e-books, and access to collections of independently-published e-books by local authors. is all about sharing and supporting local authors and our creative communities, as well as providing access to these resources and tools to everyone in Illinois. Users can:

  • create books using Pressbooks software.  
  • share their works for potential inclusion in the online Indie Illinois collection or Library Journal's Indie Author Project Select collections of e-books.
  • read e-books by independently published local authors.
RAILS provides these services without fees to libraries or residents, as part of our tax-supported services and as a pillar of our e-content strategy
In addition, I've updated the resources that the Lillie M. Evans Library has that can help novel writers.  We have books by several famous authors that give some insights on their writing styles.  One of my favorites, Janet Evanovich, has one called How I Write: Secrets of a Bestselling Author.  Anne Lamott has written Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life and Stephen King’s book is simply called On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft.  In addition to these, we also have Writer’s Market, MLA Handbook and Modern Library’s Writer’s Workshop.   

For other titles in our collection, click on the link below:Search RSAcat for authorship

Also, below are links to some helpful websites:
Amazon’s Self Publishing
Barnes & Noble’s Self Publishing
CrimeSpace: A place for Readers and Writers of Crime Fiction to Meet 
Grammar Girl: Quick & Dirty Tips for Better Writing
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
National Novel Writing Month
Writers Write: Your One-Stop Resource for Information about Books, Writing & Publishing

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

LME Library and Project Next Generation Grant

The Lillie M. Evans Library District was one of 29 public libraries statewide awarded a FY20 Project Next Generation (PNG) grants by Secretary of State and State Librarian Jesse White. Project Next Generation (PNG) offers grant funding to public libraries for establishing educational, after-school programs that not only provide access to computers, software and various technology devices, but also hire mentors who are crucial to helping students develop self-confidence and pride in their newly acquired skills. The goal of PNG is to bridge the digital divide by making recent technologies accessible to students who have limited access to computers.

The LME Library will be starting a Technology Ambassador program in fall 2019. We plan to:
  • recruit and train junior high and high school participants to use some of our community’s most requested maker technology—audio/video production, Cricut machines, Silhouette machines, and 3-D printing.
  • assemble and create written, video, and linked resources to provide documentation of targeted technology.
  • create a technology ambassador program with participants team teaching adult learners who want to utilize these technologies.
Learners will cycle through training, documentation and teaching before moving on to the next technology. The goal is to increase access to maker technology in our rural community and allow students and community members to develop knowledge and skills. It will also provide inter-generational interactions and reinforce the library as a community anchor.

For the complete press release, go to:

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

LME Library FY2019 in Review

As part of our yearly review, we pulled together these figures to get an idea of the value the Lillie M. Evans Library had for our users. The Review is also available in .pdf 

Friday, June 21, 2019

Everyone Reads

Read and share the joy of reading in your community!

OverDrive, one of the LME Library's ebook vendors, is promoting "Everyone Reads". This literacy campaign takes the beautiful message that people from all walks of life read and recreates it for a digital age. 

At you’ll find short video public service announcements (PSAs) from celebrities and authors explaining what reading means to them, as well as book recommendations that they love.  

New videos and book recommendations will be added frequently, discussing the joys of reading regardless of format. You’ll find celebrations of physical books, ebooks, and audiobooks, as well as book recommendations across all reading levels and genres.