Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Library Survey - December 2010

During the month of December, the LME Library is surveying the members of our library district. This survey will assist us with the development of our next long range plan. We are looking for input from library and non-library users so that we can find out how we can improve our library and services to better meet your needs. Your input is very valuable to us, and all responses will be kept anonymous. If you could take a few minutes to respond to the survey, it would assist in our planning efforts. The online survey is available at: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/lmelibrary2010  

Thank you very much for participating in our survey!

Friday, November 19, 2010

E-Pay Option

Have you heard about E-Pay?  If not, here's a brief introduction: 

Since many people in today's society do not carry cash, there is now an E-Pay option at the Lillie M. Evans Library.  E-Pay provides a convenient way for patrons to pay library fines or make donations with a credit card.  Payments may be made by Visa, MasterCard, Discover from any Internet computer.  To check your library account, please review My Account information in the library catalog.  More information on how to use e-pay is available by viewing these instructions or by asking one of our staff members--we would be happy to assist you!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

50 Ways to Use Your Library

Libraries aren't what they used to be—they're even better! Here are just 50 ways your library can enrich your life. Visit the Lillie M. Evans Library, and you'll see the limitless opportunities that await you @ your library. 
  1. Enjoy a good mystery.
  2. Reserve a book.
  3. Locate a friend in an online phone book.
  4. Prepare for your job interview.
  5. Pick up a book on CD and listen to it in your car as you drive home.
  6. Read a large-type book without wearing your glasses.
  7. Check out a Grammy winning CD.
  8. Spruce up the house with the latest books on interior design.
  9. Download an ebook or audio book from the Alliance Digital Media Library.
10. Use the computers to research a quote on how a stock did today.
11. Learn how to plan a drought resistant garden.
12. Trek to another planet in a Sci-Fi novel.
13. Find out where to send a consumer complaint.
14. Learn how to clean ink stains from a marble counter.
15. Call the Library to find out who said "To err is human, to forgive divine."
16. Decide which Digital Camera to buy with the help of consumer guides.
17. Borrow a playaway that teaches you how to speak Spanish.
18. Take home Bach, Beethoven and Brahms.
19. Entertain your preschooler with a book and a read-along CDs.
20. Let the children choose an armload of read-aloud stories.
21. Ask for information about how to start a business.
22. Get tax forms and tax filing information.
23. Get a list of materials that help gain reading skills.
24. Post a comment on LME’s facebook page.
25. Make a photocopy.
26. Get an book from a library in another city-it's done quickly by computer.
27. Enroll in a library program—we’ll be making ornaments and boxes soon!
28. Ask a staff member to give a talk to your service organization.
29. For a leaky faucet, you might look up a book on how to do your own plumbing.
30. Read all the latest issues of the popular magazines without spending a dime.
31. Send a fax.
32. Find a recipe for new Christmas cookies!
33. Play a game of chess.
34. Sit in the rocking chair and read to a toddler.
35. Sign your preschooler up for Storytime.
36. Relax in the Turner Room.
37. Learn more about your community and its history.
38. Read the paper.
39. Use the online database, NoveList to find a new author.
40. Join a library book club.
41. Sit on a bench in the garden at twilight.
42. Visit with your neighbors.
43. Learn about a new hobby.
44. Check out the facts about the latest diet craze.
45. Do your homework.
46. Tutor someone.
47. Watch a movie.
48. Find out community news from the bulletin board.
49. Set up an email account and email a friend.
50. Become more knowledgeable about something.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Long-Range Planning for the Library

As we move toward another new year, the Lillie M. Evans Library District has embarked on developing our next long-range plan. The library last held a long-range planning process in the fall of 2003. Members of many different facets of the district were invited to participate in a community visioning committee, and the process resulted in a presentation to the school board, the village board, and the library board. The Board of Trustees of the Lillie M. Evans Library District took the results of that report and used them to develop the 2005-2008 Long Range Plan.

Three major roles were seen for the library: 1) Providing the community with information on Current Topics and Events, 2) Supporting Life-long Learning for our community, 3) Providing a Commons, an area where the community can gather for information, recreation, and socialization.  The goals and objectives that were created have directed many library decisions regarding services and programs, providing current technology resources, and creating an inviting atmosphere that encourages public gathering and interaction. As we move to the future, there are endless possibilities for ways that your library can provide for the needs and desires of the people who live here.

“Excellence must be defined locally—it results when library services match community, needs, interests, and priorities.” (Sandra Nelson, New Planning for Results)

Throughout November and December, the Lillie M. Evans Library District invites you to participate in the long-range planning process for your library. We are looking for input from the community as we evaluate new possibilities and develop a three year plan for our wonderful facility and staff. Some of you have been asked to attend a focus group and others will be asked to complete a survey. Community input is essential in the planning process and we appreciate the support of both our users and non-users. Superior library service doesn’t just happen. To achieve excellence, you need a plan. The Board of Trustees is committed to developing a long-range plan with a series of objectives that support the vision that our community has presented. In the spring, the Board will be sharing this long-range plan with you as we continue to seek new and better ways to serve our community.