Friday, December 20, 2013

Tech Assistance @ LME Library

Did you get an ereader, tablet, or other technology for Christmas but don't know how to use it?  Bring it to the library and we will assist you with your new device(s).  We will be having a series of technology classes and drop-ins during January 2014 so be sure to stop by and see us!
In addition, Kate has created this great poster to help our patrons locate some of our local websites.  There's a lot of great information on these pages and all these links are available through the library's website at 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

How Americans Value Public Libraries

New information was released today (12/11/13) on the public's view of the importance of libraries by the Pew Internet & American Life Project.  This survey called “How Americans Value Public Libraries in Their Communities” shows that Americans strongly value the role of public libraries in their communities, both for providing access to materials and resources and for promoting literacy and improving the overall quality of life.
Some of the Projects findings include:
  • 95% of Americans ages 16 and older agree that the materials and resources available at public libraries play an important role in giving everyone a chance to succeed;
  • 94% say that having a public library improves the quality of life in a community;
  • 81% say that public libraries provide many services people would have a hard time finding elsewhere.
  • 56% of internet users without home access say public libraries’ basic technological resources (such as computers, internet, and printers) are “very important” to them and their family, compared with 33% of all respondents.
  • 49% of unemployed and retired respondents say they librarian assistance in finding information to be “very important,” compared with 41% of employed respondents.
  • 47% of job seekers say help finding or applying for a job is “very important” to them and their families.
  • 94% said that based on their own experiences, they would say that “public libraries are welcoming, friendly place.”

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Technology Trends from 2013

Libraries are essential to communities all across the U.S.  We use and lot of technology, and we've seen some definite trends in 2013.  One that we use a lot here at the Lillie M. Evans Library is cloud based computing.  Our library staff uses dropbox to share files, and our circulation system vendor has been integrating cloud based computing in our circulation applications and in RSAcat.

We're also seeing a decline in the usage of our public desktop computers.  We seldom have waiting lines anymore and even though we still had over 4,600 checkouts for these computers, the usage declined 21% in FY13.  However, we are seeing an huge increase in mobile devices like smart phones, ipods, and ereaders.

You can read about more technology trends in 2013 year in review from

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Lincoln 150th Anniversary & the Princeville Heritage Museum

On November 19, 1863, Lincoln delivered one of his most famous speeches in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  He had been invited to give a “few appropriate remarks” during the dedication ceremony for a cemetery for Union soldiers killed at the Battle of Gettysburg.  Despite the brevity of the speech and the fact that it earned little attention at the time, the Gettysburg Address has become one of the most celebrated speeches in U.S. history.

As we observe the 150th anniversary of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, the Lillie M. Evans Library and the Princeville Heritage Museum would like to publicize the upcoming exhibit, Lincoln: The Constitution and the Civil War which will be on display at the Museum from April 7, 2014 through May 9, 2014.  Organized thematically, the exhibition explores how Lincoln used the Constitution to confront three intertwined crises of the war—the secession of Southern states, slavery, and wartime civil liberties. Visitors will leave the exhibition with a more complete understanding of Abraham Lincoln as president and the Civil War as the nation’s gravest constitutional crisis.

A short video walkthrough (10:25 min.) with Dr. Steve Frank, Chief Interpretive Officer at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, is available online at: the Constitution and the Civil War, a traveling exhibition for libraries, was organized by the National Constitution Center and the American Library Association Public Programs Office. The traveling exhibition has been made possible by a major grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities.  Lincoln: the Constitution and the Civil War is based on an exhibition of the same name developed by the National Constitution Center.

There will be several programs offered during the exhibit including a tea with Mrs. Lincoln, Illinois in the Civil War with Tom Emery, and a discussion of the anti-slavery movement in the mid-19th century.  If you would like to ensure you are on our mailing list, please email with your contact information and we’ll keep you informed about the events.  In addition, watch our websites, and for additional information on this exhibit and the upcoming programs.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Fiber Arts & Fabric Crafts Show at LME Library Nov 18-Dec 14

The Lillie M. Evans Library will be hosting an exhibit of fiber arts and fabric crafts that will run for approximately 4 weeks through November and December.  This is an exhibition only show—there will be no juried review.  

The exhibition can include – but would not be limited to - quilting, felting, weaving, basketry, knit, crochet, costume, origami, mobiles, dolls and puppets, wool paintings, etc. Items can be displayed in our art case, hung from art boards, or suspended from the ceiling.

Exhibit submissions can be submitted from artists of all ages. While we welcome a diverse selection of submissions, we reserve the right to reject any submission we deem not suitable for public display. This will be determined at the time of submission or during the show.  

Items can be dropped off starting Wednesday, November 13 until Saturday, November 16.  The show will run from Monday, November 18 until Saturday, December 14.  We will be open during Holiday Homecoming so be sure to stop by!  In addition, we will be participating in the Princeville Woman’s Club Home Tour, and we will be hosting a closing night reception on December 14 from 4-7pm.  All artists, the public & the press are invited. Refreshments will be served.

Please contact the Library at 385-4540 or email if you are interested in participating in this exhibition, and for more information on exhibiting in this show.

We look forward to a wonderful fiber arts and fabric crafts show from the Princeville community!

Submit Art work on:
Wednesday, November 13 from 9am to 8pm
Thursday, November 14 9am-5pm
Friday November 15 9am-5pm
Saturday, November 16 9am-1pm
No late entries will be accepted. 

Art Show Hours:
The Art Show will be open to the public on Monday, November 18 starting at 3pm until Saturday, December 14. 
 Artwork is expected to be shown during the full duration of the show.            (November 18-December 14)

Closing Night Reception:
PLEASE JOIN US FOR a closing night reception on Saturday, December 14 from 4-7pm. We will be open for the Princeville Woman’s Club Home Tour but all artists, the public & the press are invited. Refreshments will be served.

Pick up Art Work:
Monday, December 16 from 3pm to 8pm
Tuesday, December 17 9am-5pm
Wednesday, December 18 9am-8pm
Parties who drops off artwork must pick it up or sign a release form for a 3rd party to pick up. 

Friday, September 27, 2013

Affordable Health Care Act - Open Enrollment Starts Oct 1

Three Rivers Public Library District has created this page with helpful information about the Affordable Care Act at

In addition to a link to a Marketplace Checklist, it also contains information about the law, the marketplace, insurance carriers, and other useful links.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Internet is Important

This Infographic introduces a project supported by the Institute of Museum and Library Service (IMLS) and based upon Building Digital Communities: Framework for Action (The Framework), also funded by IMLS. The Framework recommends community-wide digital inclusion efforts involve a variety of sectors. Local leadership teams representing government, libraries and nonprofits lead the nine pilot communities. The pilot communities have taught us many lessons, including:
  • Many local leaders tend to understand the need for broadband infrastructure but not the need for home broadband access, public broadband access, and digital literacy skills.
  • Explaining the importance of information technology access and use is complex.
  • Local government involvement is essential.
The Internet Is Important To Everyone aims to bring attention to the impact broadband has on our lives, our health, our government, our jobs, and our education while considering who among us does not use the internet and who does not have home broadband access. The infographic explains why Americans are not using the internet or purchasing home internet service and offers actions our communities can take.

Friday, September 13, 2013

LME Open House Visitors

At our September 11th Open House, both our Representative David Leitch and our Senator, Darin LaHood joined the celebration.  The LME Library recently completed several renovation projects to improve the overall condition and aesthetics of the library interior.   

Senator LaHood is pictured with Gayle Brackett, President of the LME Library Board and Beth Duttlinger, Library Director.  

Representative Leitch is pictured with Gayle Brackett, President of the LME Library Board.

The renovations included several projects.  In the first phase, the doors at our library entrances were replaced with tempered glass to improve safety and energy efficiency.  The interior was repainted to make the library a more inviting place.  Finally, the carpeting has been replaced with a wood look vinyl plank and new carpeting designed to resist and hide stains.  All these improvements were made during and after regular library hours.  Without the support and assistance of our patrons and staff, we would have been unable to stay open and operational during this entire process.   Below are additional pictures of the completed renovations.
The meeting room is now a plank looking vinyl.  It's easier to clean and the new rug can be brought out for children's programs.

The Children's Area--the soft furniture was donated by the LME Library Friends.

Our computer area now has vinyl under the task chairs.

Kathy Sullivan donated 22 hours to complete the "splash" mural in the Teen Section.

Our wonderful Turner Room is now more colorful--it's a perfect place to enjoy the garden views.

Friday, August 23, 2013

LME Library Open House September 11

Please join us at our Open House on Wednesday, September 11
We will be having a reception from 4:30-6:30 celebrating our recent remodeling projects.  Refreshments will be served!

Below is our press release:
LME Library Open House September 11
In celebration of our recent remodeling projects, the Lillie M. Evans Library District will be hosting an open house on Wednesday, September 11, with a reception from 4:30-6:30pm.  Please join us for refreshments and to view the completed capital improvements. 

The renovations included several projects.  In the first phase, we replaced the doors at our library entrances with tempered glass to improve safety and energy efficiency.  We also repainted the interior a warm color to make the library a more inviting place.  Finally, we addressed the library’s flooring.  The fraying, stained carpeting has been replaced with a wood look vinyl plank and new carpeting designed to resist and hide stains.  The goal of these capital improvements was to improve the overall condition and aesthetics of the library interior.

The LME Library offers a variety of resources to our users.  The library supports economic development by providing resources on business and entrepreneurial issues.  We offer technology training as well as free internet access.  We provide resources and assist in locating informational and recreational materials.  We are a public building that is open 50 hours per week.  In FY13, 35,002 visitors came to the library, and we circulated 47,803 items. 

In conjunction with the open house, we will be remembering the events of 9/11.   There may be nothing more antithetical to terrorism, hatred, and fanaticism than the American public library.   In 1953, President Dwight D. Eisenhower wrote, "our librarians serve the precious liberties of our nation: freedom of inquiry, freedom of the spoken and written word, freedom of exchange of ideas. Upon these principles, democracy depends for its very life, for [libraries] are the greatest sources of knowledge and enlightenment."  We believe there can be no more appropriate commemoration of September 11, 2001 than for libraries to continue to promote understanding, to guarantee freedom of access to information, and above all, on that particular day, to stand with doors wide open as a remarkable symbol of our freedom.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

New Retirement Toolkit

The Department of Labor, the Social Security Administration and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services have partnered to publish a "Retirement Toolkit". This toolkit includes both links to publications and to interactive tools which can help you plan your retirement. It includes a timeline for retirement, information to help you decide what age you want to retire, and information about how to avoid paying a Medicare Part D late enrollment penalty. 

Some of the links from this toolkit include:
Many of these resources are also available in Spanish. You can read more about the Toolkit and other retirement resources available from the US Department of Labor at

Monday, July 22, 2013

The Lillie M. Evans Library receives Back to Books grant

The Lillie M. Evans Library District recently received a Back to Books grant for $4,500 from the Illinois State Library.  The Back to Books grant is a collection development grant offered to libraries for the acquisition of books and other materials. Grant funds have been used to purchase books, audios, and DVDs in the non-fiction areas of library & information science, education, languages, sciences, applied sciences, and geography & travel. Materials are appropriate for the adult and young adult age groups. 

To introduce these resources, we will have a series of 3 programs focusing on the materials purchased with this grant.  The first program will be an open house highlighting the collection.  Please visit the library on Wednesday, July 31 during our regular hours of 9am-8pm.  Materials selected for this grant will be displayed and available for checkout.

The second program on Wednesday, August 28th will target homeschoolers and resources available from the library through our newly created homeschool resource web page.  As part of the grant, we will be developing a section of our website for our homeschooling parents and students.  This will include links to online resources as well as tips on using the library catalog.  The page will also have information about any local groups that focus on homeschooling activities.

The final program will be a travel program at 6pm on Wednesday, September 25th.  It will start with a showing of one of our new travel DVDs (we will choose one that meets our public performance license) and will include a book talk of some of our new materials in this area.  Visit our website at for more information about this grant and these programs.

The funds from this grant will make it possible for us to better meet the needs of our local community.  Materials were purchased through a Library Services and Technology Act grant administered by the Illinois State Library using funds provided by the U.S Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Affordable Care Act and Libraries

At the American Library Conference last week, it was announced that public libraries will be part of the effort to get information and crucial computer time to the millions of uninsured Americans who need to get coverage under law.  The Affordable Care Act requires certain employers with at least 50 full-time employees to offer health insurance coverage to its full-time employees (and their dependents) that meets certain minimum standards or to make Employer Shared Responsibility Payments.

The initiative starts on October 1st when people without health coverage will start shopping for insurance online.  Coverage can start as soon as January 1, 2014.

In the meantime, there are some articles that are available at:

In addition, the federal website is already up at and the key features of the Affordable Care Act are available at 

The Institute of Museum and Library Services is working with OCLC to develop an online toolkit and training webinars for librarians.  I'll post this information when available.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Art Show at LME Library - entry information

Schedule of  Events
· Drop off will be on Thursday, June 20th from 11am to 8pm. 
· Artwork will be hung and juried Friday, June 21st from 9am-noon.
· The Art Show will be open to the public on Friday, June 21st from noon until 8pm and on Saturday, June 22nd from 7am-8pm. 
· PLEASE JOIN US FOR an opening night reception on Friday, June 21st from 4:30-5:30pm. All artists, the public & the press are invited. Refreshments will be served.
· Pick up artwork on Monday, June 24th from 9am to 8pm.

Artwork exhibit guidelines & entry forms are available online or in the library.  Call the LME Library at 385-4540 for more information.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Celebrate World Book Night in Princeville on Tuesday, April 23, 2013

In honor of World Book Night on April 23rd, several local community members will be distributing books in Princeville.   Tina Fey’s Bossypants will be given away at the softball field and the large print version of Favorite American Poems will be distributed at Princeville Women’s Club.  James Patterson’s Middle School, the Worst Years of My Life will be given out at the grade school. 

What is World Book Night?  In the U.S., a half million free books will be handed out in towns and cities across America all on one day—April 23, 2013—by enlisting 25,000 volunteer book lovers to help promote reading by going into their communities and personally handing out specially printed copies to light or non-‐readers and to those without the means or access to printed books.

How did it start?  World Book Night was first celebrated in the USA in 2012.   What better way to spread a love for reading than to inspire passionate readers to go out into their communities and share copies of their favorite books with those who don’t regularly read?  Giving is an incredibly powerful part of our culture—and culture, art, and a writers’ talent are all themselves ‘gifts’.  Last year, almost 80,000 people gave out over 2.5 million books in four different countries.  

How does it work?  Each year, 30 books are chosen by an independent panel of librarians and booksellers. The authors of the books waive their royalties and the publishers agree to pay the costs of producing the specially-printed World Book Night U.S. editions. Bookstores and libraries sign up to be community host locations for the volunteer book givers.  After the book titles are announced, members of the public apply to personally hand out 20 copies of a particular title in their community.  On April 23rd, they give their books to those who don’t regularly read and/or people who don’t normally have access to printed books, for reasons of means or access. 

Why does World Book Night exist? Reading for pleasure improves literacy, actively engaging emerging readers in their desire to read. Reading changes lives, improves employability, social interaction, enfranchisement, and can have a positive effect on mental health and happiness. Book readers are more likely to participate in positive activities such as volunteering, attending cultural events, and even physical exercise (“Reading at Risk: A Survey of LiteraryReading in America,” National Endowment for the Arts).

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Next LME Library sewing class: 3/23/13

We’re winding down on our LME Library sewing classes—only 2 Saturdays left!  We finished our soup bowl potholder, and it was fun and easy!  Instructions are available online at:

Join us for our 3/23/13 (Saturday) class from 10am-noon in the meeting room. Beauford is going to introduce us to paper piecing.  Here’s some information and a short video if you are unfamiliar with this technique.  Also if you want to make an infinity scarf, you will need to purchase your own fabric.  You will need 18”-20” of 60” fabric that is knit or chiffon (or some other scarf type fabric).  We do not have any knit fabrics in our fabric stash boxes.

We look forward to seeing everyone—don’t forget to sign up online or by calling the library at 385-4540.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Week 3 of the sewing program - March 16

There are still 3 sewing programs left, and we’ve already accomplished a lot! 

Last week, we customized a sewing cover or mat for our machines.  We also went over the basics of rotary cutting and practiced by making our own cuts.  At our next meeting, we will get to make the fabric bowls (which we didn’t get to last week).  Kits are already cut for the bowls but don’t forget your sewing machine, thread, and scissors!  Other sewing projects we are interested in making are mitered napkins and infinity scarves.  The infinity scarf project will require you to purchase your own fabric.  You will need 18”-20” of 60” fabric that is knit or chiffon (or some other scarf type fabric).  We do not have any knit fabrics in our fabric stash boxes.

Join us on March 16th at 10am-noon in the LME Library’s meeting room for more fun and practice!  We look forward to seeing everyone—don’t forget to sign up online or by calling the library at 385-4540

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sewing Machine Programs in March

Learn how to use your sewing machine to make basic items-each class will cover different techniques. 
              Saturday, March 2  10am-noon (make a pillowcase)
            Saturday, March 9  1pm-3pm* Please note time
            Saturday, March 16 10am-noon
            Saturday, March 23 10am-noon
            Saturday, March 30 10am-noon
These programs are free, but call the library at 385-4540 to reserve a spot!

                 Please bring the following items for class
Sewing machine
foot control and electric cord (really I have forgot this )
Sewing machine needle
All purpose thread (any color)
Scissor, small pair to trim thread is fine (fabric scissor if you have them)

We will be making a standard size pillow case for our first project. Super fun!

If you have fabric stashed dig out

3/4 yard main color
1/4 yard contrasting
2 1/2 inch of accent color 

If you do not have fabric KITS WILL BE PROVIDED

If your fabric is not cut to size. We will help you do that

 A demonstration of rotary cutting will also be covered. You do not need to buy all those items needed for that. Just wait--it is a big expense, and we have plenty to share for this class.

UPDATE 3/4/13: We had a great time at the LME Library’s Sewing Program on 3/2/13.  Beauford helped us adjust our machines and taught us a nifty pillowcase trick—loved it!  If you want to see a video demonstrating this burrito pillowcase technique, you can go to

Projects for week 2 include : sewing machine mat or easy cover or soup bowl potholder( Beauford uses hers to hold a cold bowl of frozen yogurt LOL)
If you want to pick your own fabric, here’s the shopping list, for machine mat or cover: 
1 yard main fabric or 3/4 yard should be enough
1yard or 3/4 yard coordinating fabric
1 yard matching ribbon will be for ties on side 1/4"- 3/4" will work ( we will have some available)
*All purchased fabric should be width of fabric and NOT fat quarter size

Don’t worry that you need to shop for fabric!  We have 2 large containers of cotton fabrics they are very nice mostly country/floral prints if you would like to make your sewing accessories from these.  Batting will be provided for your machine accessories.

For those making the fabric bowls, we will have a kit already made up for you.

If none of these projects catch your eye, you can make an infinity scarf.  This will require you to purchase your own fabric.  You will need 18”-20” of 60” fabric that is knit or chiffon (or some other scarf type fabric).  We do not have any knit fabrics in our fabric stash boxes.

We look forward to seeing everyone—don’t forget to sign up online or by calling the library at 385-4540