Friday, December 17, 2010

Ebook Readers and more!

During the holidays, I’ve been inundated with lots of ads for ebook devices. If you are considering purchasing an ebook reader or just wondering what all the hype is about, you can take a short guided tour of ebook devices at

In addition, the Lillie M. Evans Library participates in the Alliance Digital Media Library (ADML). This service, powered by OverDrive, is free with your library card. You can browse the collection, check out with your library card, and download to PC, Mac®, and many mobile devices. Titles will automatically expire at the end of the lending period.

To get started downloading audiobooks and ebooks, visit Lillie M. Evans Library users can find best-selling audiobooks and ebooks available 24/7. You also can print off this eBook Devices Cheat Sheet for Library Users or use the complete Supported Audio Devices link on the ADML site.

Just this month, OverDrive released updates of apps for iPhone and Android, which adds support for eBooks from OverDrive libraries. Patrons will be able to download both EPUB eBooks and MP3 audiobooks directly to their iPhone, iPod touch, or Android phone/tablet. New users can search for “OverDrive Media Console” in the Apple App Store at  and Android Market at

With hundreds of popular fiction and non-fiction titles to choose from, the ADML collection is guaranteed to have something for everyone. You can download best-selling novels, well-known classics, self-improvement guides, and much more. Go ahead—try it out!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Online Storytime Resources

There are some great storytime resources available online.  Tumblebooks are accessible from the library's catalog, databases, and electronic resources page.  By clicking the TumbleBook Library icon you and your child can view TumbleReadAlongs, TumbleTalking Books and TumbleReadables. TumbleBooks offer various audio and audio/visual books that are fun, interactive and encourage children to love reading. TumbleBooks are ideal for ages K-6th.

Charlotte Mecklenburg Library (NC) has created StoryPlace on online bilingual website where young children can listen to online stories, complete interactive online activities and find reading lists.  Stories for pre-school and elementary children are highlighted. 

Barnes & Nobles also has an online story library.  This month listen to author Chris Van Allsburg reading The Polar Express book.  Other stories are available through by visiting  and clicking on ONLINE STORYTIME

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Library Survey - December 2010

During the month of December, the LME Library is surveying the members of our library district. This survey will assist us with the development of our next long range plan. We are looking for input from library and non-library users so that we can find out how we can improve our library and services to better meet your needs. Your input is very valuable to us, and all responses will be kept anonymous. If you could take a few minutes to respond to the survey, it would assist in our planning efforts. The online survey is available at:  

Thank you very much for participating in our survey!

Friday, November 19, 2010

E-Pay Option

Have you heard about E-Pay?  If not, here's a brief introduction: 

Since many people in today's society do not carry cash, there is now an E-Pay option at the Lillie M. Evans Library.  E-Pay provides a convenient way for patrons to pay library fines or make donations with a credit card.  Payments may be made by Visa, MasterCard, Discover from any Internet computer.  To check your library account, please review My Account information in the library catalog.  More information on how to use e-pay is available by viewing these instructions or by asking one of our staff members--we would be happy to assist you!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

50 Ways to Use Your Library

Libraries aren't what they used to be—they're even better! Here are just 50 ways your library can enrich your life. Visit the Lillie M. Evans Library, and you'll see the limitless opportunities that await you @ your library. 
  1. Enjoy a good mystery.
  2. Reserve a book.
  3. Locate a friend in an online phone book.
  4. Prepare for your job interview.
  5. Pick up a book on CD and listen to it in your car as you drive home.
  6. Read a large-type book without wearing your glasses.
  7. Check out a Grammy winning CD.
  8. Spruce up the house with the latest books on interior design.
  9. Download an ebook or audio book from the Alliance Digital Media Library.
10. Use the computers to research a quote on how a stock did today.
11. Learn how to plan a drought resistant garden.
12. Trek to another planet in a Sci-Fi novel.
13. Find out where to send a consumer complaint.
14. Learn how to clean ink stains from a marble counter.
15. Call the Library to find out who said "To err is human, to forgive divine."
16. Decide which Digital Camera to buy with the help of consumer guides.
17. Borrow a playaway that teaches you how to speak Spanish.
18. Take home Bach, Beethoven and Brahms.
19. Entertain your preschooler with a book and a read-along CDs.
20. Let the children choose an armload of read-aloud stories.
21. Ask for information about how to start a business.
22. Get tax forms and tax filing information.
23. Get a list of materials that help gain reading skills.
24. Post a comment on LME’s facebook page.
25. Make a photocopy.
26. Get an book from a library in another city-it's done quickly by computer.
27. Enroll in a library program—we’ll be making ornaments and boxes soon!
28. Ask a staff member to give a talk to your service organization.
29. For a leaky faucet, you might look up a book on how to do your own plumbing.
30. Read all the latest issues of the popular magazines without spending a dime.
31. Send a fax.
32. Find a recipe for new Christmas cookies!
33. Play a game of chess.
34. Sit in the rocking chair and read to a toddler.
35. Sign your preschooler up for Storytime.
36. Relax in the Turner Room.
37. Learn more about your community and its history.
38. Read the paper.
39. Use the online database, NoveList to find a new author.
40. Join a library book club.
41. Sit on a bench in the garden at twilight.
42. Visit with your neighbors.
43. Learn about a new hobby.
44. Check out the facts about the latest diet craze.
45. Do your homework.
46. Tutor someone.
47. Watch a movie.
48. Find out community news from the bulletin board.
49. Set up an email account and email a friend.
50. Become more knowledgeable about something.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Long-Range Planning for the Library

As we move toward another new year, the Lillie M. Evans Library District has embarked on developing our next long-range plan. The library last held a long-range planning process in the fall of 2003. Members of many different facets of the district were invited to participate in a community visioning committee, and the process resulted in a presentation to the school board, the village board, and the library board. The Board of Trustees of the Lillie M. Evans Library District took the results of that report and used them to develop the 2005-2008 Long Range Plan.

Three major roles were seen for the library: 1) Providing the community with information on Current Topics and Events, 2) Supporting Life-long Learning for our community, 3) Providing a Commons, an area where the community can gather for information, recreation, and socialization.  The goals and objectives that were created have directed many library decisions regarding services and programs, providing current technology resources, and creating an inviting atmosphere that encourages public gathering and interaction. As we move to the future, there are endless possibilities for ways that your library can provide for the needs and desires of the people who live here.

“Excellence must be defined locally—it results when library services match community, needs, interests, and priorities.” (Sandra Nelson, New Planning for Results)

Throughout November and December, the Lillie M. Evans Library District invites you to participate in the long-range planning process for your library. We are looking for input from the community as we evaluate new possibilities and develop a three year plan for our wonderful facility and staff. Some of you have been asked to attend a focus group and others will be asked to complete a survey. Community input is essential in the planning process and we appreciate the support of both our users and non-users. Superior library service doesn’t just happen. To achieve excellence, you need a plan. The Board of Trustees is committed to developing a long-range plan with a series of objectives that support the vision that our community has presented. In the spring, the Board will be sharing this long-range plan with you as we continue to seek new and better ways to serve our community.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Message from the library director

Welcome to the Library Garden Bench. This blog was originally started by Joanne Cox who recently retired after 28 years at Lillie M. Evans Library. My name is Beth Duttlinger, and I’m the new director. I started at LME on September 1st, and I will be updating the blog regularly. I currently live in the Bradford area with my husband, Jon, and two children, Dell & Joe. My career in libraries began in 1986, and since then, I have had the opportunity to work in a variety of library settings. In addition to possessing a Masters degree in Library & Information Science from the University of Illinois-UC, I also have a Bachelor of Science degree in Library Science Education from Illinois State University. Most recently, I was employed as a Library Development Consultant at the Alliance Library System (ALS) and before that, I was the Learning Resources Center Coordinator at Black Hawk College-East Campus. I feel very fortunate to be at Lillie M. Evans Library District, and I look forward to serving library users in the Princeville area.

Many of you have already stopped by the library to say “hello” but on November 3rd, the Board of Trustees will be hosting an Open House from 3-6pm. Please come by for a visit. I am also available at the library during most weekdays if you would like to speak with me.

My plan with the Garden Bench Blog is to discuss topics and resources relevant to public libraries and our community. I will be posting each week, so I hope that you visit the Garden Bench often…

Friday, June 18, 2010

Preparing for Summer Storms

The storms last weekend reminded us all of the power and severity our summer weather can bring. Tornado warnings and flash floods can cause serious damage to our homes and businesses. There are some things we can do to be prepared for emergencies. Most of us wait too late to think about preparations we could make. According to AmerenCILCO, here are some items you can gather now to help prepare your family for any emergency, at any time:

  • Emergency phone numbers-doctors, etc.
  • Flashlights and fresh batteries
  • Extra keys for your home and car
  • Battery powered radio and clock
  • Supply of bottled water (one gallon per person per day)
  • Non-perishable foods that don’t require heating
  • Blankets, bedding or sleeping bags
  • First-Aid kits and medications
  • Hand operated can opener
  • Special items for infants, the elderly or family members with special needs
  • Hand tools, such as a screwdriver, scissors, duct tape, plastic utensils, paper plates, waterproof matches, and household bleach
  • Identification and copies of prescriptions and important papers
  • Extra cash, since an extended electrical storm might prevent you from withdrawing money from automatic teller machines or banks.

If bad weather is on the way, you can take these additional steps:

  • Turn off and unplug any unnecessary electrical equipment-especially sensitive electronics
  • Turn you refrigerator to its coldest setting and leave the door closed (don’t forget to turn the setting back when the storm is over!)
  • Place those important documents in a waterproof storage container.
  • Fill your vehicle’s gas tank
  • Bring lawn furniture or other lightweight objects inside
  • Don’t forget your pet! Have clean food, water, collar and leash and a pet carrier handy.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Sorry State of Affairs

By Joanne Cox

The library systems have been a vital part of our library programs and services in Illinois. We were famous for our great library systems. That all changed on Friday, May 28, 2010 when the majority of services that we received from the Alliance Library System were discontinued due to the lack of funding caused by the Illinois financial situation. Many of you have questioned what that will mean to the Lillie M. Evans Library District.

First, what it doesn’t mean:
  • We will not stop delivering the very best service we can give you.
  • We will continue to supply books, DVDs, audio books, databases, programs, and our great website that provides day or night connection to our library. Our libraries will still cooperate with each other to provide materials to you.
  • Delivery and our automated catalog are not affected at this time.
  • Our current staff will remain to serve you.

What we will no longer have access to without the system:

  • Consulting services available when we need it, blogs, notices, the system’s excellent consulting staff.
  • The opportunities for getting together and partnering with other libraries in an organized setting to work on grants and other projects.
  • Continuing Education opportunities. The library resources and the needs of the community are constantly changing. The library system provided countless opportunities for improved skills through workshops, seminars, webinars, and training classes. Most of them were offered at no cost to either participants or to their library.
  • Group purchases. The system gave us cost breaks by negotiating better prices for the group. There are price breaks that can be very significant to our budget.

The library was one of the founding libraries of our system when Princeville joined with six other libraries to form the Illinois Valley Film Cooperative. That later became the basis for the Illinois Valley Library System when the legislature passed the Illinois Library System Act in 1964. In 1994, four systems combined to create the Alliance Library System which served over 250 libraries in west central Illinois.

It is a very sad day to see a successful method of supporting local libraries that took over 40 years to establish come to such an end.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Check out our displays! They highlight our collection and change frequently. Our “Recommended” display features books that our staff has read and enjoyed and want to share with you. Our “How To…” display currently presents gardening books, growing vegetables, choosing flowers for your beds, preparing the soil and even landscaping books and techniques. We even have books for children who would like to develop a “green thumb”. Getting into shape this summer is our “Featuring” display. It coincides with our adult summer program of “LME BIGGEST LOSER”. There are books, videos and DVD’s to help you achieve your goal. Our “Up to the Minute” display features monthly specials. Our “May, May” offering celebrates Cinco de Mayo, Moms, Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day. It is a month of remembering! Our “Seasonal” presentation has items for brides and grooms! Planning a wedding and honeymoon and even how to get along with the in laws. The videos and DVD’s on our “Walt Disney” display are constantly being refilled! You just can’t beat those Walt Disney family movies! Check those out as well as the additional ever expanding collection that we carry. Learn about the Dewey Decimal System from our other display. We are featuring sections of our non-fiction collection. Currently we are featuring the 200’s, Religion and Social Services.
Our displays change frequently so you can see something new featured very often. We measure the success of our displays by how many books are checked out from our displays. We love having to add books! Come in today and check out something to “check out”!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Get Fit & Stay Active @ Your Library!

Yoga PoseDid you know the library an exercise group that meet on a weekly basis?

Every Monday & Friday morning at 9:15 am we have an adult yoga class. Participants stretch and workout to "Yoga for the Rest of Us."

In addition to our exercise class the library also offers several yoga, aerobic, cardio and fitness VHS and DVDs to checkout for free. If you are looking for something specific, simply ask one of our staff members and we will see if we can borrow it from another library for you.

Are you in the mood to try a new diet? We have a wide variety of diet books including diets for specific health conditions such as diabetes, pregnancy and heart disease. Eat your way to a better you!

Our staff is here to help you. If you need a book, video or movie on fitness, dieting or general health let us help you find the perfect item for you. The library can be an invaluable resource when it comes to your health and fitness.

Friday, February 26, 2010


Trivia nights are very popular in other areas but we had never tried having one in the library. Last night was our first attempt. It took several months of planning and consulting with others who are experienced in the events but we think it was a success. Our thanks to Rich Thole for being the "sheriff" and to all of the participants. Five teams battled it out and the competition was fierce! The Titans of Trivia were successful in holding off the WigWam Warriors and emerged as the champions. However the Warriors exhibited a ferocious will fueled, no doubt, by their great costumes and yummy treats! Judging from the groans and the cheers, everyone was having fun and that was the purpose of the evening. See more of the action in the event photos section on the homepage.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Go Green @ Your Library!

Our library is trying to keep up with technology and to be as green as possible. You can go green and get information from us faster by providing us with your email address. Your privacy is very important to us. We will only use your email to send you overdue notices and notice of hold items available. As an added bonus, you may request to be notified a few days before your checked out materials are due (also sent via email) so you can either renew them or return your items and avoid those dreaded late fees!

Providing the library with your email can also be very helpful if you have children. Upon your request, we can add your email to your minor children's accounts as well. All notices will have the patron's name on it so you will know which family member it is regarding.

To get your email address added to your library account, or those of your children, please fill out the registration form on our website (choose "Go Green @ Your Library" from the Event section), call us at 309-385-4540 or talk to someone at our service desk during your next visit. Please do not post your email in a comment to our blog for your privacy & security.

*Note: If you sign up for email alerts, you will no longer receive overdue notices by United States Postal Service mail. Please be sure that you only sign up for this service if you check your email regularly.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Digital Books have Arrived!

Word is spreading about the digital collection available to our patrons. Those who have used the service find it convenient and easy to use. The collection continues to grow each month and we appreciate it when you suggest titles that you would like to see added. Send us an email at with the title, author and format (audio book, eBook) and we will send it on to the selection committee. There is also an online submission form available on the Alliance Digital Media Library site once you are logged in.

Alliance Digital Media Library (ADML) is a consortium of more than 40 public libraries in Central Illinois. These libraries have joined together to provide materials to patrons that are accessible from home. You can browse the collection anytime but your library card number and pin will give you access to the download function.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Check Out Audio & More 24 Hours a Day!

The Lillie M. Evans Library District and the Alliance Library System are proud to announce its new online audio book and eBook service. Simply visit our website and click on the Alliance Digital Media Library (ADML) logo 24 hours a day; 7 days a week and download items for free using their library card number and pin. If you don’t know your pin number, please call us and we will be happy to provide it to you. Once you are logged in you simply browse for a item, add the item to your cart, select checkout, and download. It works just like an online store…without costing you any money.

There are tons of great selections available. Items can be played on a computer, transferred an iPod or other MP3 player, or a Sony E-Reader. Some titles can even be burned to a CD.

For those who may need help using this service there is an easy to use help section. Our staff has also been trained to use this service and will do their best to answer any questions you may have.

All items are free and are downloaded for a specified “checkout” period. After the “due date” items will be automatically returned to the ADML. There are never any late fees! If you can’t find a specific title you are encouraged to contact us with your request. Simply email us at with the title, author and format you would like (audio, eBook, etc.) us to consider for addition to the collection.

You never know when the craving to hear the new James Patterson novel is going to hit!