Friday, October 28, 2011

LME Library Trivia Night Champions

On Thursday, October 27, the second annual P-Town Showdown was hosted at the Lillie M. Evans Library in Princeville. Last year, retired director, Joanne Cox, organized the first contest and its success prompted a repeat of the Showdown.

Sheriff Rich Thole was the master of the evening’s events. The four teams vying for the P-Town Showdown Championship arrived on schedule and the Library Director, Beth Duttlinger, serving as Conductor welcomed the players. Deputy Ruthie Whitledge and Judges Anita Routh and Beauford Potter rounded out the officials. Sheriff Thole reviewed the procedures before quickly launching into round one.

The trivia competition consisted of 5 rounds with 10 questions in each round.Questions were from 10 different categories and each team had 8 minutes to answer the questions.As each round was completed, the answer sheets were collected and graded before the round leaders were announced. The leading team was presented with a balloon bouquet that was passed at each round while the lowest scorer displayed the black rose.

The judges kept us entertained throughout the evening by strutting and dancing to “Here Comes the Judge”. Sheriff Thole and Deputy Ruthie did an amazing job controlling the rowdy crowd which included several notorious “gangs” such as the Titans of Trivia, the Princeville Pistols, the Trebekkies, and Senders Slingers.

After completing all 5 rounds, the Trebekkies emerged as the 2011 P-Town Showdown Champions and received cork trivets from Moonlight Engraving. The certificate for Best Costumes was also awarded to the Trebekkies. The Best Table Decorations certificate went to the Titans of Trivia. This and other library activities can be found on the LME Library website at

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