Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tax assistance

Looking for help with your taxes?  Unfortunately, the Lillie M. Evans Library does not have any tax volunteers, but there are several ways to find taxpayer assistance for low-to-middle income or for people over age 60.  Here are some links to find local resources:

As part of the IRS-sponsored TCE Program, AARP offers the Tax-Aide counseling program at over 6,000 sites nationwide during the filing season. Trained and certified AARP Tax-Aide volunteer counselors help people of low-to-middle income with special attention to people age 60 and older. To locate the nearest AARP Tax-Aide site, call 1-888-227-7669 or use the Tax-Aide Locator on AARP's Internet site at:

IRS Taxpayer Assistance Centers in IL can be found at:

In addition, the IRS has a listing of nationwide free tax preparation sites by state at:

IL Legal Aid article has an article on “How do I File a Tax Return?” with some helpful suggestions.  It can be found at:

The IRS recommends bringing the following documents when receiving tax payer assistance:
  • Proof of identification
  • Social Security Cards for you, your spouse and dependents and/or a Social Security Number verification letter issued by the Social Security Administration
  • Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) assignment letter for you, your spouse and dependents
  • Proof of Foreign status if applying for an ITN
  • Birth dates for you, your spouse and dependents on the tax return
  • Wage and earning statement(s) Form W-2, W-2G, 1099-R, from all employers
  • Interest and dividend statements from banks (Forms 1099)
  • A copy of last year’s federal and state returns, if available
  • Proof of Bank routing numbers and account numbers for Direct Deposit, such as a blank check   
  • Total paid for daycare provider and the daycare provider's tax identifying number (the provider's Social Security Number or the provider's business Employer Identification Number)
  • To file taxes electronically on a married-filing-joint tax return, both spouses must be present to sign the required forms. 

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