Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Technology Trends from 2013

Libraries are essential to communities all across the U.S.  We use and lot of technology, and we've seen some definite trends in 2013.  One that we use a lot here at the Lillie M. Evans Library is cloud based computing.  Our library staff uses dropbox to share files, and our circulation system vendor has been integrating cloud based computing in our circulation applications and in RSAcat.

We're also seeing a decline in the usage of our public desktop computers.  We seldom have waiting lines anymore and even though we still had over 4,600 checkouts for these computers, the usage declined 21% in FY13.  However, we are seeing an huge increase in mobile devices like smart phones, ipods, and ereaders.

You can read about more technology trends in 2013 year in review from

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