Thursday, May 10, 2012

Friends Collecting Inkjet Cartridges

The Friends of the Lillie M. Evans Library are now collecting empty inkjet cartridges for recycling. We receive up to $4.00 for each cartridge recycled. Cartridges can be deposited in our collection bin at the Lillie M. Evans Library in Princeville.

Simply place your old cartridge in a plastic sandwich bag and deposit it in our collection bin. Most businesses simply throw their empty cartridges in the garbage so check at work to see if they would donate their would be garbage. The acceptable cartridges are listed below. NOTE:  Epson cartridges are now being accepted for recycling but are NOT paid for. No large laser cartridges are accepted with this program and will not fit through the holes on our collection box.

In addition to raising money for Friends of the Lillie M. Evans Library, recycling inkjet cartridges has a positive impact on the environment. Consider the following: Nearly 1 million inkjets are thrown into our landfills everyday. Less than 5% of the cartridges produced are recycled. It takes 1000 years for the plastic to decompose. 

Thanks for assisting our Friends and our Library through this program!  Our next Friends meeting will be coming up shortly.  Please watch the LME Library website at  for more details.

Apple M3240G/C
Dell M4646 COLOR          
HP 901 Black XL                                  
Apple M8041G/C
Dell 7Y745
Lexmark 1          
Canon PG40
Dell 7Y743          
Lexmark 2          
Canon CL41
HP 21 (C9351AN)
Lexmark 3                                             
Canon PG50
HP 22 (C9352AN)  
Lexmark 4                                             
Canon CL52
HP 93 (C9361W)   
Lexmark 5                                             
Canon PG30
HP 92 (C9362W)   
Lexmark 10N0016 (16)       
Canon CL31
HP 94 (C8765NW)                                  
Lexmark 10N0026 (26)       
Canon CL51
HP 95 (C8766W)                                    
Lexmark 12A1970/5 (70)     
HP 96 (C8767W)                                    
Lexmark 12A1980/5 (80)     
HP 97 (C9363W)                                    
Lexmark 15M0120 (20)       
Canon BC01        
HP 98 (C9364W)   
Lexmark 17G0050(50)        
Canon BC02        
HP 99 (C9369)                                        
Lexmark 17G0060(60)        
Canon BC05        
HP 100 (C9369)                                       
Lexmark 18C1428(28) (A only)
Canon BC06        
HP 51645A/G (45) 
Lexmark 18C1429(29) (A only)
Canon BC20        
HP 51626a/g (26)                                    
Lexmark 18L0032(82)         
Canon BX3         
HP C1823D only   
Lexmark 18L0042(83)         
Compaq 337709  
HP C6578A/D (78) 
Lexmark 17         
Dell A920 BLACK  
HP C6614A/D/N(20)
Lexmark 27         
Dell A920 BLACK (Trial)      
HP C6615A/D (15) 
Lexmark 23 Black (A only)   
Dell A920 COLOR 
HP C6625A (17)    
Lexmark 24 COLOR (A only)
Dell A920 COLOR (Trial)     
HP C6656 (56)     
Lexmark 31 PHOTO          
Dell J4844 PHOTO
HP C6657AN (57)
Lexmark 32 18C0032         
Dell J5556          
HP C8727 (27)     
Lexmark 33 18C0033         
Dell J5557          
HP C8728AN (28)  
Lexmark 34 18C0034         
Dell J740 COLOR (TO602)
HP 54    
Lexmark 35 18C0035         
Dell J740 BLACK (TO601)    
HP 74 (C8335W)   
Lexmark 43         
Dell JF333 (Series 6)          
HP 74XL (C8336W)
Lexmark 44         
Dell Series 7 BLACK          
HP 75 (C8337)     
Lexmark 43/45
Dell Series 7 COLOR         
HP 75XL (8338W) 
Lexmark 71 BLACK
Dell Series 8 BLACK          
HP 60Black                                           
Lexmark 88 (18L0000)        
Dell Series 9 BLACK             
HP 60Black XL                                    
Lexmark 1990/5   
Dell Series 9 COLOR         
HP 60Color                                          
Sharp UX-C70 BLACK
Dell Series 11 BLACK                           
HP 60Color XL                                     

Dell Series 11 COLOR                           
HP 901Black                                        

Dell M4640 BLACK
HP 901Color

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