Thursday, May 31, 2012

Princeville Railroads - June 6th @ LME Library

Don't forget that we will be offering our first of two programs honoring Princeville's 175th anniversary next week.  Those interested should reserve a seat by calling the library at 309-385-4540 or by registering  online through the library’s website.

Princevillle's Railroads Wednesday, June 06, 2012, 6-7pm
Princeville was once served by 2 railroad lines—the Rock Island and the Santa Fe.  Before the 1950s, railroads provided transportation of people and goods throughout the US and linked small towns like Princeville to the rest of the country.  Please join us at the Lillie M. Evans Library on June 6th at 6pm for a railroad program by Jim David.  Mr. David author of the book, The Rock Island Trail: Echoes From the Past, will take us on a journey to an era when railroads provided fast, reliable transportation and describe how an abandoned railway line became the Rock Island Trail. 

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