Monday, August 6, 2012

Princeville Walks at LME Library

Princeville Walks is over—so how did we do?  We did great!  As you may know, Princeville Walks was part of our summer reading activities.  Starting May 29th, participants recorded the steps or miles they walked, ran, or converted from activities.  Each participant kept a log for the 9-week program which ended July 27, and then reported them to us.  Whenever new miles were turned in, we updated our board in the library to see how far Princeville Walks. 

Overall, we had 21 participants sign-up for the program and 13 turned in miles or steps.  Our major goal was to reach Princeville, Hawaii and we met our goal—Princeville, HI is 4195.1 miles away and our Princeville Walks participants walked a total of 4462.4 miles!  Along the way, we visited the Future Birthplace of James T. Kirk in Riverside, IA (102 miles) and Dorothy’s House and Land of Oz in Liberal, KS (656.9).  Next it was on to the Museum of Clean in Pocatello, ID (1172 miles) and Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum in Las Vegas, NV (1406.2 miles).  When our walkers left the continental United States, they journeyed 2868.6 miles to Butte, Alaska.  Butte is known for its people powered Ferris wheel and for the landmark “sword in the pole.” 

Thank you to everyone who participated in Princeville Walks—many people enjoyed this program, and we hope you did too!  If you were a participant, stop by the library anytime and pick up your certificate of completion.  For those of you looking for more fitness activities, the LME Biggest Loser Fall 2012 will be starting in September.  Visit the library’s website at for additional information on this and other library programs.


  1. Oh yeah! The final totals were:
    Female participants = 2879.1 miles
    LME Library Staff = 1401.3 miles
    Male participant(1) = 182 miles
    Great job everyone!